About us

Our slogan …where guests leave as friends! is not just a hollow phrase or some neat marketing blurb — many guests experienced the truth in this statement after a great vacation with a feeling of leaving friends behind. The sincere friendliness and carefree attitude of our team, and the local Manadonese tongue are key to that special experience, and might just be the reason why we see many guests return as good friends of Thalassa.

The Thalassa Team

Portrait of Simone Gerritsen

Simone Gerritsen

managing owner

Simone is a PADI Course Director with over 40 years of underwater experience and the "face" of Thalassa. Known as Ibu to most locals, Simone puts all of her energy into education and getting the best out of people.

Portrait of Jacob Kaleb

Jacob Kaleb

construction supervisor

As well as responsible for our boat operations, Jacob oversees any construction needs we might have. Under his supervision, Thalassa Lembeh was built at a pace that would put Superman to shame and hang up his cape.

Portrait of Yuswaning Asri

Yuswaning Asri


When it comes to financial matters, Sri has got the numbers down to a tee. Besides that, she enjoys making sure our guests are comfortable and have everything they need.

Portrait of Satoka Kubo

Satoka Kubo

guest relations

Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Satoka is a PADI Instructor and diving operations manager. "Toka" is happiest underwater, guiding our Japanese and Korean guests on their diving adventures.

Portrait of James Pasinaung

James Pasinaung

HRD & general affairs

From contracts with local governments, paperwork and red tape, to staying permits and work permits, all of these are James' specialty. That, and making really, REALLY bad jokes.

Portrait of Nolan


good boy

With at least 14 dog years of experience under his belt as a Good Boy, Nolan works relentlessly to protect our guests from anything remotely suspicious, such as birds, cats and Things That Make A Strange Noise.

Arjen Bokhoven

marketing design

Graphic designer by trade, Arjen works at Thalassa to give the company a face to the outside world, both on- and offline. He tackles anything from website work to our marketing campaigns.

Anika van Leeuwen


PADI Instructor, animal lover, and all-around host with a friendly smile, Anika is often the first face to welcome new visitors when arriving at Thalassa Lembeh.

Kees van Hal


Despite his fierce lion’s mane, Kees is co-host at Thalassa Lembeh with the friendliness of a kitten. Being a PADI instructor makes him an excellent choice for learning how to dive as well.

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