Turtle hanging out at Bunaken

DUIKEN – Manado & Bunaken

This article originally appeared in scuba diving website and magazine Duiken (which means “diving” in Dutch). This piece focuses on diving Bunaken, Manado and the Bunaken Marine Park. Because the original articles are in Dutch, I translated them and posted them here for our English readers. The first article was

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A hermit crab doing its thing.

The plight of the Immortal Lobsters

Hold on, I know the title is quite full of itself. But we’re talking about crustaceans here, and for good reason. The way they go through their lives is such a bizarre story in terms of biology, we just had to share it…

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Our garden near the Hilltop rooms

Our new veggie garden in Manado

Regular guests will know we used to have a little veggie garden at our resort in Manado next to the lounge area. Unfortunately,, the stuff just refused to grow, no matter how much we gave the plants all the TLC in the world. After doing some renovation work on our

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