Diving in North Sulawesi

From the Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado, the Lembeh Strait to Bangka Archipelago — North Sulawesi is one of the world’s premiere diving destinations, all year round. The vibrant marine life and environments will stick with you for a long time.

Dive areas

Bunaken Marine Park

Famed for its wall dives, turtles, clear water and coral reefs with an abundance of marine life.

Lembeh Strait

Macro photographers love Lembeh for the strange critters on the black sand bottoms.

Bangka Archipelago

At the very tip of North Sulawesi, coral pinnacles are home to squid, barracudas, and giant frogfish.

The Coral Triangle

Between the Pacific Ocean, the Sulawesi Sea and the Indian Ocean, we're in one of the world's most diverse ecosystems.

100+ Dive Sites

North Sulawesi offers five unique diving areas, with over 100 different dive sites suitable for any skill level.


Our dive guides know how to work with underwater photographers, both privately and with groups.

Our Dive Operation

Dive planning

Whether you want to do one dive a day or four, we can arrange it all. Just tell us your plan one day before.

Prep & carry service

We carry your gear and assemble your BCD & regulator on board the boat. This is diving with a difference.

Guided diving and snorkeling

Our dive guides are PADI Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Instructors, and their training fully comply with PADI standards.

Rental equipment

Basic snorkel sets to full scuba diving gear is available, in a large range of sizes.

Comfy dive boats with sun roofs

Our boats have towels, coffee, tea and water on board, and a healthy snack after a dive.

Air-conditioned camera room

An air-conditioned camera room with plenty of space is available at either of our resorts. At night, it's locked and secure.

PADI Instructors

We can teach Discover Scuba Diving up to Instructor courses. Our teaching reputation speaks for itself.

EANx / Nitrox availability

We blend oxygen into the air mixture using 40 liter oxygen tanks. To double-check you analyze the gas mixture.


Trip A (2 dives)

Dive 1 at 08:00
Dive 2 at 10:00
Return for lunch

Trip B (2 dives)

Dive 1 at 10:00
Dive 2 at 14:00
Lunch on board

Trip C (3 dives)

Dive 1 at 08:00
Dive 2 at 10:00
Dive 3 at 14:00
Lunch on board

Marine life guidelines​

Don't touch, disturb or chase any marine life

We urge all of our guests to refrain from touching anything while under water. In addition, turtles should never be chased.

Do not wear gloves

Gloves can encourage unnecessary touching of (and holding on to) fragile coral. Therefore we ask our guests not to use gloves.

Maintain neutral buoyancy​

Keep a streamlined profile, stay well within the limits of your bottom time and do not go deeper than your guide.

Camouflaged creatures

A hidden stingray can end your diving holiday prematurely, so be aware of any life around you, as well as below you.