Bangka Archipelago

On the northern most tip of North Sulawesi, this small group of islands is home to spectacular reef dives, pinnacles and muck diving. Due to its location, the currents often bring in larger fish such as barracudas, reef sharks and tuna.

A special dive trip you won't forget

One of our more adventurous diving day trips, the Bangka tour starts early in the morning with groups of between 6 to 8 divers. The longer boat ride takes you along the western flank of North Sulawesi, with its green hills slowly rolling past. Once you’ve arrived at Bangka, the adventure is really beginning.

Popular Sites at Bangka


A pinnacle dive that never disappoints, you will circle around a giant column of rocks overgrown with soft corals and a variety of life. Spot the pygmy sea horse.

Yellow Coco

Volcanic gases rise up from the seabed, making the surrounding water shimmer and blur while surrounded by a hot spring’s warm embrace.

Machiko Point

Large schools of yellow snappers join an intricate dance around the rocks, which form perfect hiding places for a variety of interesting sea life.