A school of fish at Sahaung

Bangka Archipelago

On the northern most tip of North Sulawesi, Bangka island and its small group of surrounding islands is home to spectacular reefs, pinnacles as well as muck diving. Due to its location, the currents often bring in larger fish such as barracudas, reef sharks and tuna.

Going to Bangka is one of our special day trips. The Bangka tour starts early in the morning with groups of between 6 to 8 divers. The boat ride of about 90 minutes takes you along the western flank of North Sulawesi, with its green hills slowly rolling by on the horizon. You will be diving the whole day and it’s simply an experience you’ll never forget.

Average boat travel: 90 minutes

Wetsuit: 3 or 5 mm

What to see: barracuda, giant frogfish, tuna, squid, sea snakes

Highlights of the Bangka archipelago

Sahaung Point

Divers at Sahaung, Bangka

Navigate the colorful pinnacles overgrown with soft corals and be surrounded by fish. Find the giant frogfish among the sponges.

Paradise Jetty

Ghost pipefish

Volcanic gases rise up from the seabed, making the surrounding water shimmer and blur. Swim through the hot spring’s warm water.

Machiko Point

Eyes of a cuttlefish

Large schools of yellow snappers join an intricate dance around the rocks. Cuttlefish are known to spawn here as well.

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