Our new freediving facility is here! Besides snorkeling and diving, freediving is a new and exciting addition to our dive center.

Learn a new discipline

Our freediving instructors (one of whom is current Indonesian National Record holder) take you through all the steps necessary to try freediving for yourself. At your own pace, just like our diving courses.

Freediver descending

Carefree — on one breath

For experienced freedivers there’s more than enough opportunity to enjoy the depths of the Bunaken National Marine park as well: just join on the dive boat and we’ll take care of the rest.

Available Courses


  • Discover Freediving
  • Open Water Freediver
  • Intermediate Freediver
  • Advanced freediver


  • Single training session
  • Training package


  • Mouth fill Course
  • Safety freediver
  • Monofin freediver


  • Instructor
  • Crossover

Your Instructors

Stanley Sradaputta & Gisele Gao

Stanley Sradaputta is the 2018 Asian Freediving Cup national record holder — freedive instructor Gisele Gao joins him running our freediving center. Get to know them over on our blog!

Freediving facilities

Choose your discipline

From Constant Weight Apnea to Dynamic Apnea in the pool, we offer a large variety of different freediving disciplines. Our instructor Stanley is ready for anything.

All equipment on-site

Monofins, large bi-fins, masks, snorkels, buoys and lines are available to make your freediving experience as complete as possible.

Guided freediving

Together with our guide and his assistent, all of our freediving trips take place under the strictest measures of safety and professional guidance.

Comfy dive boats with sun roofs

Fresh fruit, water, tea and coffee on board the boats make each trip fun and super comfy.

Freediving instruction center

From an intimate classroom next to our camera room, theory is taught to both freediving beginners or freedivers who are looking to expand their skillsets.

Learn at your own pace

Just like our PADI courses, the freediving courses take place at a velocity you are yourself comfortable with. We don't cut any corners!

Freediving North Sulawesi

Curious? Get in touch.

If you have any questions regarding courses, do let us know. We’re happy to connect you to Indonesia’s best freediver Stanley.

Let us know your plans.

Thinking about planning your next diving holiday? Enter your information, any questions you might have, and we will get back to you with a quote.