Lembeh Strait

The muck diving capital of the world should be on any diver’s bucket list. The opportunities for macro photography are endless, and the variety of critters is quite frankly, amazing.

Black sand bottoms & critters

Extra-terrestrial life forms lurk on the black sand plains of Lembeh Strait. Banggai cardinal fish, pegasus, several types of frogfish, seahorses, cephalopods and more creatures are to be found.

Accessible from our resort at Thalassa Lembeh or as a day trip.

Popular dive sites


As you slowly progress down Rojos, the bottom changes from gentle sand slopes to scraggly rocks that are home to anything from waspfish to the wonderful Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

Bianca Point

At dusk, we take you to this site and then it's a matter of waiting until the Mandarinfish emerge from the corals to display their bright colors. Limited to Sundays to prevent overcrowding the site.

Aer Perang

"Water War" (so named after two villages battling for control of drinking water back in the days) is a black sand plain that is perfect for an exciting night dive.

Nudi Falls

If you enjoy macro photography, Nudi Falls is a great way to focus your lens on anything from the titular Nudibranchs to tiny frogfish slowly moving along the sands.