Giving back…

Thalassa Dive Resorts champions sustainability and received a PADI Green Star Award in 2015. We support and sponsor local communities in order to promote eco-friendly living, what we call “giving back” to benefit everyone..


Over 15 years ago, when Thalassa was still a dive center (and not a resort yet), the nearby village of Tongkeina was facing severe education issues. Right after leaving elementary school most children would work in low-paying, basic jobs due to the lack of a junior- and senior school nearby. Something had to be done, and Simone was determined to bring change.


Both Thalassa Dive Resorts are 100% PADI AWARE — this means that we are committed engaging divers in education and conservation efforts, and ensure all our student divers receive the Project AWARE version of the PADI certification card. All donations received support ocean protection efforts and actions worldwide.


We don’t just watch and complain. We take action! When beaches are accumulating rubbish, we clean it up at least four times every year, together with all the kids from our schools. When we hear that endangered reef fish are sold at one of the malls in our town, we demonstrate until the big supermarkets stop selling these products.


Building a school, building a future

With the help of donations from friends, guests and family members since 2007, Simone managed to erect a brand new school in Tongkeina, encompassing kindergarten through to senior high school. The school is called "SMK Solagratia", a true addition to the poor village.

Simone being Simone, she didn’t stop there. Instead, she got even more involved with “her” childrens’ education by developing a curriculum for Underwater Tourism, with theory and practice carried out by Simone herself and her instructors.

Volunteer giving a lecture to local school kids in Manado

Thanks to volunteering guests, we teach the current generation about their environment…

Manadonese kids cleaning a beach

…either by encouraging them to take action, such as participating in clean ups…

Manadonese students getting drum lessons

…or by simply doing projects that are both educational as well as a lot of fun!

Impact and result since 2007

SMK Solagratia Tongkaina in numbers


Students graduated


Working in diving tourism across Indonesia


Working in hotel & tech industry

PADI Green Star Award logo


Green is cool

In 2015 Thalassa Manado received the PADI Green Star Award, which is granted to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate far-reaching conservation efforts, such as water conservation, energy use, environmentally friendly transportation, use of sustainable materials and a donation to conservation through Project AWARE.

Reusable water bottle

No Plastic Policy

At our resort, we strongly discourage the use of plastic water bottles. Instead, you can use one of our reusable aluminum bottles which you can take with you everywhere.

Fish on the grill

No reef fish for dinner

We only serve pelagic fish like tuna, mackerel, as well as our own home-grown fresh water fish. We believe reef fish are to be enjoyed with our eyes, not with our taste buds.

Students doing a beach cleanup

Beach cleanups

Every two months, we organize beach cleanups with the students of SMK Solagratia Tongkeina. It's vital that we keep doing this so everyone understands the importance of a clean environment!

Participation is the key

Whenever we take action, all of our guests and friends are welcome to join.

We always enjoy organizing lectures or lessons for both the Tongkeina kids as well as our guests. For guests, experts or "evangelists" passionate about certain subjects, we always love to set up the beamer in the restaurant and give you a podium for presenting your ideas. It's like a TED talk, but much much cooler of course.

Our partners in the fight for a healthy ocean:


CoralWatch helps non-scientists around the globe understand and support effective reef management about the health of corals using the Coral Health Chart.

Logo Kehidupan-Anda


Kehidupan Anda ("Your Life") is a foundation brought into existence to provide education for children of all ages in the village of Tongkeina.

Logo SharkGuardian


Shark and marine conservation worldwide through education programs, research projects and exciting diving expeditions.

Logo Project AWARE

Project AWARE

Project AWARE empowers a global community of changemakers to be agents of positive change for a vibrant, thriving ocean.