Explore North Sulawesi 

Known as the Land of Smiling People, North Sulawesi has quite a lot to offer. With a jungle trek through Tangkoko National Park, you can see foraging groups of Macaques and Tarsiers clinging to the trees. Have a refreshing dip under one of the spectacular waterfalls, or walk around the caldera of a volcano.

Excursions and tours

Overview of some of the tours we have on offer. Tours come with both a driver and an english-speaking guide. Many combinations are possible and all trips are bookable via our front desk.

View of Manado City

Manado City

Visit the bustling city of Manado with its markets, street hawkers, shopping malls, lively watering holes and tons of charisma.

Minahasa Highlands Jesus statue

The Highlands

Tradition, culture, mystery, tribal life and adventure all packed into this beautiful area of North Sulawesi.

Tarsier at Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Tangkoko Jungle

Hike the jungle to meet the macaques, hornbills, Cuscus and of course the main event: the Tarsier!

View of Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island

Rich coral reefs, quaint little villages and sandy beaches — the perfectly tranquil getaway.

Minahasa women of Tomohon


Visit the infamous “extreme market” in this highland town with its cool mountain climate.

Traditional wooden Minahasa house

Pulutan and Woloan

Villages where traditional pottery and beautiful wooden houses are produced.

Waruga at Sawangan


Discover the largest collection of “Waruga” — ancient monolithic sarcophagi of the Minahasa people.

Misty forests in the Minahasa Highlands

Volcanoes Lokon and Mahawu

Take in the spectacular views over North Sulawesi from the tops of these bubbling volcanic giants.

Cooking class at our resort

Cooking Classes

Under close supervision of our chef, you'll buy fresh ingredients and cook something delicious for everyone!

View of Lake Linow

Lake Linow

Enjoy a cold one on this volcanic lake side with bubbling mud pools — the sulphur smell just adds to the experience.

Ranopaso rice paddies


Have a relaxing bath in hot springs surrounded by rice paddies, in the middle of the highland mountains.

A ship made with fresh fruits and melon

Fruit Carving

Unleash your creativity (with some help of our chef) to make beautifully ornate, edible presentations!