Explore North Sulawesi

Known as the Land of Smiling People, North Sulawesi has quite a lot to offer. With a jungle trek through Tangkoko National Park, you can see foraging groups of Macaques and Tarsiers clinging to the trees. Have a refreshing dip under one of the spectacular waterfalls, or walk around the caldera of a volcano.

Activities and tours

We offer quite a wide range of land-based activities, which are divided in three different types: activities available at Thalassa Manado, Thalassa Lembeh and the ones that can be booked at either location. Our tours can be directly booked through our front desk, so there is no need to book ahead prior to your arrival.

Manado-based activities

The Minahasa Highlands tour (full day)

Being our most popular excursion, the highlands tour is packed with interesting locations and incredible panoramic views of North Sulawesi — more than can fit in one day! Together with our front desk staff, plan accordingly for a fun day out.

Minahasa women of Tomohon.


Visit the infamous “extreme market” in this highland town with its cool mountain climate.

Tondano Lake.

Tondano Lake

This serene, peaceful lake is a perfect location to enjoy lunch at one of the water side restaurants.

Mahawu Volcano.

Mahawu Volcano

Soak up breathtaking views of Manado and its surrounding foothills from the crater's edge of this volcano.

Sparta Stables.

Sparta Stables

Enjoy a coffee at this romantic farm estate, looking over Lake Tondano and surrounding valleys.


Pulutan Village and hot spring

Known for making pottery, the village is located next to beautiful rice paddies and volcanic hot springs.

Incense in a bowl.

Ekayana Pagoda

Near Tomohon, the tall pagoda is a unique buddhist temple worth a visit. Don't forget to say hi to the giant turtle sculpture!

Lake Linow.

Lake Linow

A sulphuric lake in a peaceful valley, a cold beer in front of you, and some people watching — close to perfect!

Woloan village.

Woloan Village

Houses are built to order in this village, in the traditional Minahasa style, and delivered anywhere!

Dive Computer.


At 1200 meters altitude, it's always a good idea to check your dive computer's no fly time before taking this tour!

Additional tours (from Thalassa Manado only)

View of Manado City.

Manado City

Visit the local museum, go for a spot of shopping or relax with a coffee at one of the characteristic warung in this Asian city.

Looking up at a waterfall.


Try something other than salt water! This waterfall trip can be combined with the Tangkoko Jungle tour.

Sunset over Bunaken National Marine Park..

Gunung Tumpa

At 400 meters, this easily accessible mountain offers a fantastic view of the Bunaken National Park — definitely worth it during sunset!

A paraglider soaring above Bunaken.


The same Gunung Tumpa is also the starting point for soaring above the forests and villages of beautiful North Sulawesi.

A family in a rafting boat.


Want to try something else than diving? How about rafting on this adrenaline-rushed trip down the river?

Close up of a horse's face.

Horseback riding

From Sparta Stables, book an afternoon horse riding around the spectacular hills of Sulut!

School children in class.

School visit

Our school is not far from our Manado resort, and the kids as well as the teachers will be delighted to meet you for a glimpse into their lives.

A Waruga, an ancient Minahasa sarcophagus.

Waruga and Bidadari

Discover the largest collection of “Waruga” — ancient monolithic sarcophagi of the Minahasa people, and the Bidadari wall paintings.

Lembeh Island Tour (from Lembeh only)

Sunset at Bitung.

Lembeh’s beauty is not only to be appreciated underwater, as you can easily spend a full day enjoying the island’s topside nature too.

Take in some breathtaking ocean views from a high lookout point in the north, visit beautiful Salise Beach and hike through the jungle to cool off under a waterfall.

Experience unmatched friendliness in one of the colorful villages, have lunch in the middle of a mangrove forest, and top everything off with some snorkeling in one of Lembeh’s most gorgeous coves full of marine life!

Tours available at both Thalassa Lembeh and Manado

Tarsier at Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

Tangkoko Jungle Tour

See the nocturnal Tarsier in its natural habitat, gaze up toward the treetops to catch a glimpse of black crested Macaques, all during a fantastic jungle hike.

Red hot chili peppers at a local market.

Cooking classes

Challenge your cooking chops with one of our chefs. Visit the market, buy ingredients, and treat our guests to your own Indonesian dish!

A ship made from carved fruits.

Fruit carving

Your creativity is needed for this one! Together with our chef you can turn a pineapple into a duck (but not the other way around!) or anything your imagination comes up with.

Bunaken island's beach visible from the ocean.

Day at the beach

For some snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing, we'll take you to a nice beach. Perfectly suitable for the younger ones, and lunch is included.

Local villagers singing and having a good time.

Local village tour

Let's take a stroll through one of the villages near our resorts, and see what the Indonesian way of life is like up close.